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Local Roots History

Local Roots produces a syndicated FM radio show, television concert series, live concerts, and festivals showcasing music from around the Pacific Northwest.


Originally a Sunday night radio program on KMUZ-FM in Salem, Local Roots was founded in 2013 by local musician and entrepreneur Robert Richter. The show featured original recording from local musicians, as well as over 400 concerts recorded live at the monthly Local Roots Live Series (2014-2019). Concerts included The Get Ahead, Beth Wood, Anna Tivel, and Haley Johnsen.


Now syndicated on four FM stations in the NW and co-hosted by fellow musician Ronnie Carrier, more than 1,000 musicians have had their music played on the Local Roots radio show. In addition to Sunday evenings on KMUZ, the show airs twice a week on KCIW 100.7FM (Brookings, OR), Mon-Fri, 8am - 10am on KMWV 98.3 (Capital Community Media, Salem, OR), and Tuesdays 6pm - 8pm on KOCF 92.7FM (Eugene & Fernhill, OR) 


In addition to the radio show, Local Roots works with Capital Community Media to produce the Local Roots Television Showcase, a television program featuring half hour concert from local musicians. The showcase airs on Channel 22/322 every Sunday at 10am in Salem, and often airs on local access television in Portland. Featured performers included Tall Dark Whimsy, Erin Westfall, True North, and Liam St. John.


Shows and events are produced by founder Robert Richter and fellow musician Ronnie Carrier, who work closely with the music and media community to offer the best resources for independent artists of the Pacific Northwest. Over the past several years, Local Roots has thrown music festivals, recorded hundreds of live concerts and television showcases, released 5 compilations of NW music, and have featured artists from beyond Salem and Portland, as far as Vancouver, BC, to Idaho, to Seattle, and down to Eugene, OR and beyond.

Who Runs the Show?

Portland native Robert Richter originated the Local Roots radio show on KMUZ-FM in 2013 to actively promote music from artists around the Pacific NW.  A musician and songwriter for more than 20 years he continues to write, record and perform with his own music projects.  “I was listening to so many talented musicians in the NW I really wanted to start the radio program to give people the opportunity to hear the amazing talent we have in our local area.”


Richter’s experience in radio started at the age of 14 as an announcer at KBPS in Portland.  He also worked at OPB while attending Oregon State University in Corvallis.  Later he worked as a newspaper reporter at The Oregonian and as well owned a successful staffing company in Portland. Several years ago he published a book on small business based on his experiences with his company. 


“I believe it is important to support musicians in our local community and as well to be inclusive.  I hope you too will support local music!” 

Robert Richter.jpg

Robert Ricther

Ronnie Carrier

Yellow Ronnie Smile.jpg

Ronnie Carrier is a singer songwriter based in Portland Oregon, who's worked with Local Roots since 2017. She started as a featured performer at the Local Roots Live Series. Soon after her first appearance on the show, Ronnie became a regular helper behind the scenes, running the door, checking in musicians, and eventually hosting the show in Robert's absence. 

Since then Ronnie has nestled into a more prominent role as Creative Producer, taking a leadership role alongside Robert Richter in producing the radio show, organizing live music festivals and showcases, and overseeing all things social media.

Aside from her role in Local Roots, Ronnie is an established songwriter who has performed up and down the west coast and regularly receives radio airplay. She has released two full length albums, an EP, and a handful of singles. Her background in music is rooted in choral music, with 15 years experience performing in nationally award winning choirs.


With a BA in English Literature and a 10 year stint as a bookseller, Ronnie is a voracious reader and has more books on her shelves than records.

"What I love about our music scene is that I can stop by any local venue on virtually any night and see incredible talent. We are lucky to have such incredible music in our neighborhood and I'm proud to champion these artists."

From our first Live Series Concert in 2014 to the present Carlos has been a valued member of our Local Roots team, mixing more than 400 Local Roots Live Series Concerts recorded for our radio broadcasts.
Growing up, music grabbed a hold of him early on and he was lucky to have an older brother, Luis, who indoctrinated him into the world of rock. Together they explored the entire catalog of many artists, all of their songs, their words, their album art, their whole universe. A true love of music was born.

Eager to find a permanent home for music in my life, Carlos studied music composition and theory at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana under Polish Composer Barbara Jazwinski from 1990-1994. 
His music is symphonic, electronic and acoustic audio, with visuals, sonic stories, darkness and light. At times indeterminate, at times performance art. Dissonance and dramatic harmonies alternate with playful consonance. Industrial percussion is delivered coated with urban dust and dirt.
Besides running Severe Enterprises, a film and music studio in Damascus, Oregon, Carlos is also a volunteer at AFRU Gallery, an art gallery in Portland that supports local, non-traditional artists. 

Carlos Severe Marcelin

Carlos LRM.jpg

"From booking shows to marketing to promotion, the staff at Local Roots aim to be a resource for musicians — it doesn't matter if they're seasoned or just getting started." Statesman Journal 2/21/20

"Through the efforts of Local Roots Music Northwest, musicians come to understand that music a business, and that they are entering into a partnership with the venue in which they are performing."

Mock Crest Tavarn Blog 2/25/20