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The Local Roots radio program, hosted by NW musicians Robert Richter and Ronnie Carrier, features new music and live performances from Pacific Northwest musicians. 

KMUZ Salem, OR

100.7 & 88.5 fm
Sun 7-9pm

The flagship station for Local Roots, KMUZ in Salem is where the show first began broadcasting in 2013.


KMUZ – FM is a community radio broadcaster covering the mid-Willamette Valley and serves a potential 235,000 listeners in Salem/Keizer and other parts of the mid-Willamette Valley from Woodburn to Albany and Dallas to Stayton.


The station strives to serve the communities of the mid-Willamette Valley through programming that educates, entertains and informs, and reflects the cultural heritage and artistic expression of the region

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KCIW Brookings, OR

100.7 fm

 Tues 8-10pm & Thurs 6-8am

We joined KCIW in October of 2020, bringing the music down to the Southern Coast of Oregon.


Their vision is to provide a platform in the community for the free exchange of artistic expression, information, and differing points of view, and to encourage cooperation and collaboration among local government entities, schools, service groups, other non-profits, and especially population segments whose voices are often not heard, such as veterans, the elderly, elementary, middle, and high school students, and indigenous people, to strengthen our sense of community and work toward a better future for all residents of Curry County.


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KMVW 98.3 FM Salem, OR

Mon-Fri 8am - 10am

Most recently, we joined our friends at Capital Community Media on their station, KMWV, bringing local music to rush hour, Mon - Fri at 8am.


98.3 FM is shared between Capital Community Media (KMWV) and Radio Poder (KTUP). From 6pm-10am, listeners will hear KMWV. From 10am-6pm, listeners will find Spanish-speaking programming curated by KTUP.


KMWV’s mission is to empower all people to communicate and provide community information through media.


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